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Pongo The Rescue Horse 

A young abandoned 3 year old paint horse rescued from the kill pen, adopted by a girl who needed to heal and rebuild confidence from being bullied in school. A story of faith, friendship and miracles!

If you are a child, teen or adult who has suffered from bullying or abuse, and you are struggling with your self-confidence or depression – it is time for you to realize you are truly valued and that God hears and answers your prayers! This will be a book that will speak to your heart, and give encouragement and build your faith in God and His beautiful and amazing plan for your life! This special story will also inspire families to work together in faith for a goal and instill hope and confidence for your dreams! A story of miracles for all ages!
“You are not rejected, you are rescued.”
Based on a true story.
“Started and finished the book, Pongo The Rescue Horse today. I loved it. Well written. Annamarie has a knack for writing. It just goes to show you how important spirituality is in our lives. I’m going to give it to my granddaughter Maria to read. She’s had a hard time with being bullied in school also. I am so glad my friend told me to read this book and let me borrow it. Truly an encouraging story.” – Cheryl in Florida
“I would love to see this book as a series! The writing by Annamarie Strawhand just flows so naturally. It reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie books. You just want to cozy up with a blanket, some hot chocolate, and read all about this rescue horse, Pongo and his faithful family.” – Lisa in California
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Nineteen easy to read chapters with illustrations. 112 total pages.  Available in paperback or read online (ebook).