Real Life Inspiration and Miracles

Pongo The Rescue Horse is the first of many books, written and published by Christian Author Annamarie Strawhand. Pongo, a black and white paint rescue horse came into the Strawhand family in 2016, while Annamarie’s teen daughter Landry Leigh was suffering from the painful emotional effects of being severely bullied in Middle School. This abandoned three year old horse (barely still a colt), was just days from shipping to slaughter in the kill pens of the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania. It was no coincidence that Annamarie’s daughter Landry had prayed for a horse exactly like this, and just a few months later, a horse rescue placed Pongo’s picture on social media as an emergency case.

Pongo and Landry Leigh the very first meeting and morning of his arrival from being rescued.

The amazing story of saving Pongo unfolds in a way that only God’s hand could have been upon it. Jumping immediately into action, the Strawhand family partnering with the local Virginia horse rescue, along with friends, family and fellow donors raised the $500 fee to “bail” him out of the kill pen within 24 hours! Quickly, Pongo was able get through a vet check to approve his health to leave the state of Pennsylvania, then transport south to Virginia. Kind volunteers came through to assist in his transport, which included drop offs at “halfway house” farms in two different states, an overnight stay in a hotel parking lot in Maryland (inside the horse trailer), then finally standing safely in a green pasture at the horse rescue farm in Virginia. Pongo and Landry Leigh met the morning of his arrival and an instant bond is made between the two of them. The Strawhand family officially adopted Pongo, then more miracles begin happen around this horse.

Through daily rehabilitation of her horse Pongo from his ordeal, Landry Leigh begins to rebuild her own faith, hope and confidence in herself. The painful effects from bullying begin to fade and heal. She begins to look at life, people and God in a whole new light. The book, Pongo The Rescue Horse – A Story of Faith, Friendship and Miracles brings you on a journey of healing and growth between two of God’s creations – to where you can take these steps and lessons they both experienced for your own. This book has already helped many bullied children, teens and women who have suffered abuse. We have received so many messages from our readers who can identify with what Landry Leigh had gone through, but needed something that could pull them through it and past it, and give them confidence and hope to move forward in life.

The story of Pongo The Rescue Horse continues to make a lasting impact on every person who reads it. Most importantly, at the end of the book, we offer step by step lessons in faith, vision and confidence building strategies that helped Landry Leigh and her family overcome the effects of bullying and help them see the breakthroughs and miracles they received, and keep receiving! God is faithful to His word, and these Biblical strategies that the Strawhand family followed during this time are now being shared with all of you and your families!

Pongo at home in the pasture with his friend, a mini donkey named Nahbi

Pongo is forever a member of the Strawhand household and lives happily with his two donkey pals, Nahbi and Palti on a beautiful farm property adjoining the Strawhand home. Landry Leigh and Pongo continue to spend time together and share their story. They love to encourage people of all ages that come to visit Pongo and read his book. We also have regularly scheduled public meet and greet events with Pongo. Join our email list to stay updated on events or check out our meet and greet page here.

Pongo The Rescue Horse Ministry and Outreach Programs

An outreach ministry has been launched through Pongo The Rescue Horse’s book in an effort to share the message of God’s love for those who have suffered abuse, bullying and rejection. Pongo and Landry Leigh’s message and story encourages those feeling broken and lonely to know they are not rejected, that they are valued and God sees their situation and hears their prayers. Through this ministry outreach, we evangelize the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, share the promises of the Bible, teach on faith, purpose and vision and provide free books, and offer hands on, interactive mentoring sessions with Pongo himself! Everyone who has met Pongo has had a special experience with this horse that brought hope and light into their lives and strengthened their faith and confidence. They tell us they have vision for the future again and they are excited to tell others about it.

Pongo’s Ministry and Outreach Programs are supported through our wonderful sponsors, direct donations, book and merchandise sales. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donor to Pongo The Rescue Horse’s Ministry and Outreach Programs for Bullied and Abused Children, Teens and Women please contact us.

About Author Annamarie Strawhand

Annamarie Strawhand is a Christian author, mentor, ministry leader, speaker and host of Life in The Faith Lane TV on YouTube.  She is passionate about helping God’s people discover their gifts and come into their true calling and divine purpose. She believes her calling is to promote God’s goodness, at the same time mentor and teach people to experience His goodness beyond their wildest dreams in every aspect of their lives.  Annamarie lives in the country in the southern region of Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Michael and daughter Landry Leigh. They have a dog named Junior, a cat named Snickers and of course, a paint rescue horse named Pongo. Learn more on Annamarie’s website: www.annamariestrawhand.com